Living In Shadows Debuts New Self-Titled Album

Living In

Group reaches recording highpoint with release of 8-track collection

FFO: Pop Fusion, Jazz Pop, Prog Rock

The windup to a string of three lead singles, Living In Shadows, speaks to familiar transitions and movements experienced throughout a lifetime, including relationships, love, rebellion, past reflections and more. In other words, the kind of music, lyrics and performance listeners can get into. Reaching beyond the band’s usual jazz tendencies, the album is imbued with pop and rock inclinations which help deliver the musical messaging.

About the compositions

Available Dec. 4, 2020, in addition to digital download and CD versions, seven of the cuts from Living In Shadows also are offered on limited edition vinyl. Begun in 2016, Living In Shadows, the band, surely is focused on providing a great recording quality. The same enthusiasm is heard throughout the album’s selections. The opening track, “For The Day,” offers a bit of a prog-rock suggestion mixed with understated jazz leanings. The second cut, “Running Feet,” radiates a similar appeal. Keep in mind the category tags do not define the music or the talent.

Next up, “Try To Take It Twice,” about domestic violence, at 4:36 maintains a serious emphasis, staying in line with the album’s general focus and life’s observations. Sincere songwriting and restrained affection describe “Sending Electricity” where “Believe,” an eighth bonus song on the CD, is a reminder of the delicate melodies Living In Shadows typically affords. Number six on the list of songs, “Tunnel,” is rich with vocal and instrumental nuances. A striking rhythm dominates “Postcards” while listening to the baritone sax work. As a fitting conclusion to the collection, the album finishes with “Smoke And Mirrors,” commissioned by Jazz North East, the “oldest grant-supported jazz promoting body in the UK.”

Presenting the personnel

The band lineup on Living In Shadows is Zoë Gilby – vocals; Andy Champion – double bass, keyboards, drums, programming, cello; Mark Williams – guitar; Paul Edis – piano; Graeme Wilson – tenor sax (track 1), baritone sax (track 7); George Milburn – mandolin (track 2); and Emma Fisk – violin (track 5).

Living In Shadows is produced by Living In Shadows and recorded at Studio 51, Gateshead, United Kingdom; mixed by Andy Champion; mastered by Peter Beckmann, Technologyworks Mastering.
Front cover illustration is by David Siyadat.

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