Forged By Fire’s ‘Satisfied’: Direct, Relevant And Timely

Band presents hot button issues with emotionally charged song and lyric video

Forged By Fire-jpg.comFFO: Metal, Hard Rock

Often finding an outlet through music, feeling fed up with politics and politicians in general is a common sentiment. Taking a view that either side of the aisle seems detestable does not necessarily equate to being apolitical. Accepting the lesser of however many evils, figuratively speaking, is not always an option. The song and video for “Satisfied,” from Forged By Fire, fits this description and more.

About the music

Watching the accompanying 5:03 lyric video for “Satisfied” is a good way of getting into the narrative and Forged By Fire’s music. Right away, on the sonic side, an amped up guitar and recording production stand out as bold and professional. Listen to the mix crank through the left speaker, then the right. Leads and solos are clearly separate, yet comfortable and distinct within the first six seconds and throughout. When the Salina, Kansas-based band starts playing, donned with horror masks and gaiters, it is like the train has arrived at full speed. At :35 the vocals begin, elevating “Satisfied” to an even greater expression level. Further in, theForged By growling is quite effective. All aboard.

The band lineup for “Satisfied” is Phil Gonzales – drums; John Rieth – lead guitar; Jake Bell – bass; and Ethan Thompson – vocals.

Moving visual media

While Forged By Fire continues playing and singing at full force during the “Satisfied” video, lyrics appear over dramatic, typically factual and sometimes sardonic political scenes, interspersed with images of the band. A diversity of others helps deliver the idea. The imagery is mostly realistic and stylization minimal. Considering recent events and headlines, the discontent expressed by Forged By Fire is beyond accurate. “Satisfied” speaks to what is on many minds. The takeaway suggests finding a way of living together sooner than later.

The lyric video for “Satisfied” is Recorded at Bulletride Productions; mixed and mastered by Dustin Ridder. The video was filmed and is edited by Phil Gonzales, Forged Productions.


For more, please visit:

Forged By Fire Official Page


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