Bootleg Mercy’s ‘The Trees Are Listening’: A Signpost In Song And Spirit

Band touches on past, present and maybe the near future with current music track

Bootleg Mercy-jpg.comFFO: Hard Rock

The global pandemic of 1918 was soon followed by the notorious Roaring Twenties, a time when Prohibition spawned a rise in American bootlegging. Now, during the worldwide COVID epidemic, the post-virus outlook often includes visions of a similar freewheeling excitement and relief. Though Prohibition ended long ago, the band Bootleg Mercy touches on the past in name and musical charisma, while serving up the present during high energy listening. But there is more to the story.

Working musicians

Bootleg Mercy collectively honed their talent performing cover songs, including hits from Alice In Chains, Tool, Pearl Jam and others. The Kansas-based band surely has attracted attention for delivering cranked live shows. With an irrepressible side, perhaps much like a tenacious illegalBootleg moonshiner, Bootleg Mercy’s appeal is not limited to just concert venues. In the recording studio and on screen, the same enthusiasm can be felt during “The Trees Are Listening.”

Images and music

Watching the lyric video for “The Trees Are Listening” on YouTube is a good way of getting acquainted with Bootleg Mercy. Released Sep. 30, 2020, the opening scene cites a quote from Joseph Heller about paranoia, raising the level of drama before the music even begins. Continuing in a bird’s eye view over loud rustling trees, the atmosphere is tense. At :25 the music begins as the lead vocals immediately take hold. A breathy style of singing lends to the overall mood as the camera follows the lead character, who is wearing a mask and hood with just eyes showing. Standing before a map of the United States, the song lyrics ring with modern messaging.

Reaching the 1:04 mark in “The Trees Are Listening” video, the band explodes into hard rock originality before returning for another stanza of lyrics. A glistening, finely tuned machine, Bootleg Mercy has what it takes and more; the proof is in “The Trees Are Listening.” Offering a compelling sight and sound, whenever the post-COVID era begins, as in the past, burning off some steam is sure to follow. When all the factors fall into place, perhaps the future will look and sound like Bootleg Mercy.

Bootleg Mercy is Rich Thompson – lead vocals, guitar; Curtis Nightingale – lead guitar, vocals; Jeff Butler -bass; and Erick Winebrenner – drums.


For more, please visit:

Bootleg Mercy Official Site




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