Veer’s ‘Red Tide’: Original Mid-Atlantic Rock

Annapolis, Maryland-based band’s style blisters with musical dominance

Veer-jpg.comFFO: Rock, Hard Rock

Owning a commanding sound and presence, Veer is compelling enough to support national touring acts, including Buck Cherry, Fuel, Puddle of Mudd and others. The group dominates live venues and home speaker systems with as much attitude as musicianship. As a matter of fact, Veer’s concert energy translates to a similar excitement in the studio, namely with “Red Tide.”

An upwelling of music

From the forthcoming album Soft Machines, the single “Red Tide” is an example of prime Veer. Achieving top ten status on the ReverbNation charts, balance between the vocals, bass, drums and guitar stands out within flawless production. No wonder the group supported so many high-profile bands before the pandemic arrived. The accompanying video for “Red Tide” only bumps the enthusiasm up a level or two. But this is merely the beginning of the story about the music.

Seeing is believing and then some

Directed and edited by Kevin Kangas, with live performance direction and cinematography from Veer, the YouTube video for “Red Tide” premiered on Dec. 20, 2020. While the intro to the 3:56 track is a lone guitarist playing the lower and middle strings, the imagery features the Veer logo, purplish blue in the foreground, the same but smaller yellow and green insignias behind. The individual guitar notes linger with

At :13 into the video, the singer enters with a direct delivery over singular but cohesive guitar notes. The music offers deeply felt lyrics containing emotion and a towering quality. At one point, the vocalist announces, “Get ready for the red tide.” When the video reaches :26, the entire band joins in and the full wave begins to be felt. Live action footage, seemingly on location, switches between each band member, always moving as the song progresses.

Alongside the outstanding vocals and guitar, listen closely as the bass and drums maintain a consistent cadence before the band explodes into a unified vibe. Sometimes the message comes through with a bit of a metal flavor. Also pay attention to the words because the singer cites the upcoming album’s title, Soft Machines. The guitar solo cranks loose at 2:30, as amped string bends bolster the rock category tag. The video ultimately ends the same way that the images began, with the Veer logo.Veer-jpg.comVeer is Christian Mathis – bass; Jon Malfi – drums; Ryan Fowler – lead guitar; and Ronald Malfi – lead vocals.

Look for the album Soft Machines from Veer.

For more please visit:

Veer Official Website


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