Ten Years After: Adding More ‘Sting’ To The Catalog

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Legendary band’s deluxe album edition now offers live tracks

Ten Years After-jpg.comFFO: Classic Rock, 1960s & 1970s, British Blues Rock, Psychedelic, Hard Rock, Jazz Rock

With guitarist front man Alvin Lee leading the way, a bright red Gibson® ES-335 in hand, Ten Years After delivered a breathtaking Woodstock performance, subsequently becoming favorites among serious rock enthusiasts. The band broke up a few times and Lee eventually joined the lineup again until his death in 2013. Nevertheless, the Ten Years After tradition continues with the album A Sting In The Tale Deluxe Edition, from Deko Entertainment.

Getting Stung

The two original remaining members from Ten Years After, drummer Ric Lee and keyboardist Chick Churchill, join bandmates Marcus Bonfanti, guitars and vocals and bass player, Colin Hodgkinson, in creating A Sting In TheTen Years After-jpg.com Tale. Bonfanti and Hodgkinson joined the band in 2014. The album, originally released in 2017, is a new CD edition via Deko Entertainment, containing 16 tracks. Available as an early limited-edition bundle depending on supplies, the official release date is Mar. 19, 2021. This time, Ten Years After audiophiles get four live cuts, which include a version of the band’s biggest selling hit, “I’d Love To Change The World,” from 1971’s A Space In Time. Considering the group has built a reputation on live performances, notably at Yasgur’s Farm, the additional tracks hold a variety of solid content.

                                                          Choice Cuts

One highlight from A Sting In The Tale Deluxe Edition, “Suranne Suranne,” offers something different in several respects. The 3:20 track touches on past, present and future from a musician’s view and with a contemporary feel. Instead of the typical pining for the past, Ten Years After’s “Suranne Suranne” applies a particular distinction while indulging fans and friends, achieved through superb musicianship and vocals. For full exposure, the song’s accompanying YouTube video, including live footage, provides fast-paced imagery to accompany the music. Watching and listening on a larger speaker system is recommended.

Thanks to Deko, other picks include studio and concert versions of “Land Of The Vandals.” The keyboard rich “Retired Hurt” is another gem. Then again, “I’d Love To Change The World” holds special significance. The only real way of deciding which songs fall into the preferred category is to listen to all the tracks and enjoy the legendary group.

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