Jacko Hooper’s ‘This Was The Earth’: For The Here And Now

Reactive expression and impeccable musicianship leads to striking new song and video

Jacko Hooper-jpg.comFFO: Acoustic, Unplugged, Folk, Singer-Songwriters, Furries

Beautiful singing and playing stand out from the start. Sound production is transparently pleasant, allowing the music to bloom. The audible imprint of “This Was The Earth” is warm, personal and artistically creative. Yet, the accompanying video reveals an emotional appeal, complete with furries. All things considered, this only begins to describe “This Was The Earth,” from multi-instrumental singer and songwriter, Jacko Hooper.

Listening with a view

A sincerely felt song, acted out with the help of giant animal characters, can be an effective attention grabber, as seen in the video for “This Was The Earth.” Available Mar. 12, 2021, both music and footage embrace insight with a message for listeners and viewers. Hooper, dressed in black clothes, bow tie and a white shirt, almost blends into the background under soft lighting. At :19 into the video, a large rabbit head appears, noting things to come. Another furry is briefly seen as the singer poses to the music, at one point both hands dramatically clasped. Meanwhile, the melody and singing are subtly charming. But it does not take long, a minute or so, before blood begins trickling from behind the singer’s left ear, draped in a shadow.

Full instrumentation kicks in at the 1:10 mark, revealing a moody but artfully wonderful recording. On YouTube, the expressions and body language of the two furries seems out of context, considering Hooper’s blood-soaked hand and face. So does the silver confetti. But it is Hooper’s singing style and accentuation that ties everything together, including the lyrics. With a forthright dose of songwriting, Hooper sings, “The world is so scary/I only live inside my head,” and “The rest of me sees eye to eye/But right now I can’t beat it.”Jacko Hooper-jpg.com

While watching the video for “This Was The Earth,” perhaps the rabbit’s head, lying severed on the floor, represents overcoming a sort of stalemate. No doubt, Jacko Hooper’s message, touching on personal struggles, is intended for everyone.

“This Was The Earth” is written, recorded and performed by Jacko Hooper – guitar, vocals, keys and programming. Mixed by Josh Trinnaman and mastered by Slade Templeton of Influx Studio (SWI).

The camera personnel for the “This Was The Earth” video are Elliot Tatler and Al Pott. Video edited by Elliot Tatler.

For more, please visit Jacko Hooper’s official web page.


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