Coreign’s ‘Scripture’: Crafting Musical Performance, Production And Recording

Married composer couple releases 14-song recording with distinct focus on reverences

Coreign-jpg.comFFO: Rock, Prog Rock, Hard Rock, Studio Bands

Prolific is merely one way to describe Coreign. The music duo’s discography encompasses an impressive 13 albums in just the last five years. Typically cutting a swath across several genres, Scripture is the latest from the Swiss-based band. With beautiful cover art by Elena Dudina to match, Scripture strikes a musical chord and more. Here is why.

Delving into the music

Hit play and the intro to “Sick Servant,” the opening track from Scripture, features guitar and drums forming a catchy rock groove at the beginning of the 5:27 song. At :19, the vocals enter, fitting into the flow with measured balance in delivery and volume. Soon the singing kicks up a notch at around :50 and before long the instrumentation is in full gear. The melodic cut takes on a slight funk rock quality before moving on to an amazing upswell at approximately the halfway mark. The finale is filled with drama.

The second track from Scripture, “Tempest,” changes time signature, has stunning vocals and amped up guitar playing. After listening, adding to the performances, each title on Scripture, available Feb. 28, 2021, shows off the remarkable arrangements incorporated into the new collection. The third track, “Lost Like Sheep,” radiates more of a rock character. While attached to different category tags, prime playing, recording production and singing is the Coreign sound.

                                                                                    Additional sampling

Next up, with the title like Scripture, the song “Resurrection,” a must, does not disappoint. Delivering a grand first impression, an underlying keyboard touches on the sacrosanct while conveying a prog rock presence, complete with vocals. Cruising around the album’s song list, at 6:08 and the longest, “Blind Man” is another highlight worth checking out. The guitar licks crank and the overall atmosphere is sweeping. But enthusiasts will ultimately have to decide which tracks deserve attention.

Coreign is Curry and Reto Bachman. Scripture also features special guest guitarist Jimmy Youngman on “Sick Servant,” “Tempest,” “Lost Like Sheep,” “Walking On The Sea,” “Possessed,” “Bread Blessing,” “Blind Man” and “Walking Man.”

For more, please visit Coreign’s official webpage.

Make sure to watch the band’s newest video, “Stop This Madness.” 


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