After Silence’s ‘Lost In Faith’: Metalcore All The Way

New song delivers hardcore musicianship, sentiment and style

FFO: Metalcore, Mexican Metalcore

Focusing on tone and lyrics with a take-no-prisoners type intensity, the single “Lost In Faith,” from After Silence, has enough amplitude and aggression to go around. On the Enigma Records label, among the savage breakdowns, maxed-out drum work and dexterous bass drops, unrelenting scream vocals are highly charged and liberating. With a “Lost In Faith” lyric video to match, this is After Silence.

Multidimensional appeal

For serious metalcore enthusiasts, the “Lost In Faith” lyric video, which premiered Mar. 2, 2021, is a great way of getting acquainted with After Silence. The imagery coincides with the personal struggle of confidence and trust versus nonbelief. At the beginning, strobing lights flicker against a dark background with see-through letters and a vintaged film take running behind. A bluish silhouetted figure is present wearing a crown, bearing the grip of a sword pointed downward. The coinciding intro to the music is slow and subtle, yet an impending explosion is conveyed.

As the colors of the video for “Lost In Faith” change to red and black, a person sits off to the side on a rock, with head in hands as the words “And I feel alone” emerge. But the finely drawn atmosphere changes at :34 into the 3:11 song, as the music takes full shape. The result is blistering. The rhythm battery is thunderous, rapid-fire dexterity in motion, the guitars dimed excellence. The vocal work, front and center, is forceful and uncompromising with the line, “I sit on corpses of the humble.”

At 2:04, the music stops and coughing signals a shift to a different time signature and changing guitar tones. The overall message about oppressing the masses is directed at the powers that be, anywhere. The cut and accompanying video for “Lost In Faith” create a remarkable impression, driving home the band’s point.

After Silence is Raul Garccianni, Jimmy Almonte, Alis Emerson and Hugo Cantu.

The video for “Lost In Silence” is directed by Jimmy Almonte (Enigma Records.)

Art Director is Caleb Geller.

For more, please visit the official After Silence web page.


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