Lovely World’s ‘You Know Darlin’: Striking, Passionate And Happening Now

Band exudes exciting contemporary rock edge, 70s stream of consciousness with new single 

FFO: Modern Rock, 1970s Influences

Arrangement, performance and production stand out as topnotch in “You Know Darlin’,” from Lovely World. Yet this merely scratches the surface of the South Carolina-based band’s creativity and musicianship. Available Mar. 12, 2021, by way of Dark Spark Music, the group’s artistic voice is revealed through impressive instrumentation, lyrics and more. Look no further for a favorite band, because Lovely World has arrived with “You Know Darlin’.”

Musically speaking

Assertive finger picking opens “You Know Darlin’” until :13 when the vocals begin. The guitar work provides a driving background throughout the cut. At a somewhat measured pace, accessible lyrics are packed with emotion. A cymbal briefly crashes as the drums and bass soon join in, adding dimension to the 5:09 track. The instrumentation and lyrics convey a bit about the entire band through a combined heartfelt music vibe. The recording exudes a particular degree of authenticity and songwriting sentiment which jumps out right away.

At 2:24 of “You Know Darlin’,” Lovely World cranks the intensity up before returning to form. Listen for the brilliant electric lead at the 4:04 mark. Meanwhile, a melodic expression of mood and circumstance dominates the music, especially in the line, “When Life Gives You Hell, I’ll Be Waiting Holding All That Fell.” About the meaning behind the words, according to Lovely World, “We can all name a few women who have helped us keep the puzzle pieces together. ‘You Know Darlin’’ is a tribute to those women.”

Lovely World is Landon Rojas – lead vocals, guitar; Cade Rojas – drums; Cameron Smith – lead guitar; and Michael Gilbert – bass.

“You Know Darlin’” is produced by Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Dandy Warhols.)

Handled with care

Lovely World is managed by veteran music industry executive (Guns n’ Roses, Poison, Faster Pussycat, June Carter Cash, Damian Sage) Vicky Hamilton. “You Know Darlin’” is on the Dark Spark Music label, owned and operated by Hamilton.

For more, please visit Lovely World’s official web page.



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