Corvus & The Morning Star: On The Rise Debut With ‘Shipman Blues’, ‘Open Your Mind’

Group begins upward climb by way of two new songs

FFO: Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock, Alternative Rock

With post-COVID thoughts fueling widespread hope and optimism, going forward, playlists likely will include the music of Corvus & The Morning Star. A luminous point of creativity and musical trippiness, the group has begun forming an impressive recording arrangement led by the single, “Shipman’s Blues.” Matched with a B-side track, “Open Your Mind,” the psychedelic sentiment flows through Corvus & The Morning Star.

About the music

After sending individually made music demos to each other, bandmembers eventually joined together, forming Corvus & The Morning Star.” Now available, the Manchester, England-based group’s introduction, “Shipman Blues,” satisfies a palette of listening pleasure via three guitars, bass and drums. The intro to the 4:22 cut begins with sonically smooth, acoustic strumming, soon joined by a dose of overdriven feedback from an electric guitar. The two guitars create a steady tempo with an air of anticipation. At :27, the drums enter and full instrumentation takes hold.

As the band rocks to a growing groove, the vocals begin to emerge. Fully expressed, starting at the :57 mark, the singing adds a pleasant, induced quality. Released Apr. 2, 2021, while taking in the sound of Corvus & The Morning Star’s “Shipman Blues,” older psych rock blues meets 1980s and 1990s with modern insight. According to band, the song is about “past relationship experiences from the lead singer” which “can turn sour and result in a complete lack of trust, then coming out the other side of the relationship with more experience.” Additionally, the track includes a message about how drugs can have an impact on a relationship.

On the flip side

Created in a home studio, as if one great song is not enough for an impressive debut, Corvus and company’s B-side, “Open Your Mind,” continues the psychedelic enthusiasm with musicianship and style. A team approach is key to the music’s power, intensity and delivery. Corvus & The Morning Star is superb at creating a state of mind through original songs.

Corvus & The Morning Star is Brad Bennett – guitar; Charlie Sherliker – vocals, rhythm guitar; Greg Neil – lead guitar; Paul Hunt – drums; and Thomas Castle – bass guitar.

For more, please visit Corvus & The Morning Star’s official web page.


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