Oh The Humanity! Premieres ‘Never Worse’

Band releases latest from forthcoming 11-track self-titled collection

FFO: Melodic Punk, Post Punk, Rock, Vinyl

Offered as a preview from the forthcoming Oh The Humanity! album, the single “Never Worse” suggests how bad habits can be self-inhibiting. Outstanding guitar work and polished choruses abound throughout the 3:50 cut. Yet this is far from the entire story of “Never Worse,” from Oh The Humanity!

A twofold impact

From the album Oh The Humanity!, available Apr. 16, 2021 on the Hellminded Records label, the music for “Never Worse” begins with driving strummed guitar and a forceful rhythm battery. At :32, the vocals begin as the music backs down a notch, finding finesse over power. Still, “Never Worse” at no time loses strength. The guitar tone at :59 is superb with dynamized vocals adding elevated appeal. Bass and drums move with flexibility and impeccable timing. At times, cleaner guitar lines convey a melodic category tag.

Along with the digital format, the Oh The Humanity! LP is offered as 12” vinyl and in two colors.

Visually speaking, on YouTube the videography, animation, production and editing for the “Never Worse” music video is amazing. The perfect blend of graphic curiosity syncs with Oh The Humanity!, creating an attention-grabbing effect. Assorted colors, sporadic vintaged treatments, anonymous mannequin-like figures fill the screen as the fluid green central character melts and drips while at the bar, on the train and elsewhere. Though portrayed with nondescript faces and bodies, the different figures express humanity through familiar vignettes, including everyone being on the phone.

The personnel for “Never Worse” are Andy Hakansson – bass; Chris Dileso – guitar; Chris Santoro – drums; James Silvio – guitar; and Kevin Athas – vocals.

Animation for “Never Worse” by Justin Owens; Videography by Aaron Marinel.

For more, please visit the official Oh The Humanity! Bandcamp page


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