Be A Bear’s ‘My Lullaby’: The ‘Waxlife Rave Remix’

New song marks the arrival of Bear pop from Filippo Zironi’s forthcoming album

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Electro pop artist Filippo Zironi, also known as Be A Bear, is back with “My Lullaby (Waxlife Rave Remix),” featuring Italian DJ and producer Waxlife. The 6:06 track is from Zironi’s upcoming album of remixes, to be released later this year. Waxlife’s “My Lullaby” is the first remix of a Be A Bear song by an artist other than Zironi.

Available now

The rhythmic intro is somewhat wistful until the sounds of an infant-like voice enter at :24, though the musical ambiance continues uninterrupted, taking hold. The time signature changes at :44 to a rapid up-tempo pace while maintaining a particular atmosphere. A thicker rhythm pattern soon lends to Waxlife’s rave remix category tag. The arrangement is smooth, accessible and always full sounding. Of course, the bigger the speakers and sub-woofer, the better.

“My Lullaby (Waxlife Rave Remix)” is a dose of listening pleasure wrapped in electronic dance music. Production is excellent. According to Waxlife, “I tried to make Filippo’s [Zironi] attitude my own but … give a further and different look to his ‘My Lullaby.’”

Zironi plans on releasing other remixes from the impending collection, “single by single.”

The artists

Waxlife is a popular music producer, DJ, sound designer and engineer based in Milan, Italy. Check out the EP Waxlife Disco Service for a good time.

In many ways, Be a Bear reflects complete autonomy. Zironi’s music is typically performed, recorded and mixed via iPhone, which doubles as Be a Bears’ production studio. But this merely scratches the surface of Zironi’s creativity.

For more, please visit:

Be A Bear on Spotify

Official Waxlife Web Site

Be a


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