INSPIREFLIX: Short Films Through An Objective Lens

Moving human interest features are free-to-view.

FFO: Cinema, Global Collaborations, Bringing People Together

Sharing common ground often suggests a sense of community through bridged emotions, while fostering genuine interest. Finding what people share, rather than their differences, Inspireflix creates short documentary films offering succinct storytelling ideas packed with an emotional punch. While the world remains throttled by ongoing social distancing protocols, Inspireflix is a reminder that strength can be found in unity.

The art of filmmaking   

As a reaction to being stifled by the COVID crisis lockdown, eight musicians from the Victoria, Australia-based Transmission Control Protocol project recorded their respective parts during improvised midnight sessions filmed amid the emptied streets, venues and stilled backdrop of several formerly vibrant locations. Due to the general pandemic situation, the bustling noise might be quieted but not the creativity of Transmission Control Protocol and Inspireflix.

Beginning with a quote from psychologist Abraham Maslow, the 12:40 short, titled Living Thing, is mostly shot documentary style with terrifically real sound. Unique instrumentation plays underneath different spoken parts and interviews, adding to the viewing ambiance. Released Dec. 25, 2020, almost as a special holiday gift, at about the 5:42 mark of Living Thing, a quixotic feel takes hold alongside acoustic strumming and gentle vocal work. The one-two impact of sight and sound is realized here and throughout the movie in a most personal way, a tribute to the Inspireflix approach.

Additional Recommendations

Other highlights of humanity from the Inspireflix movie catalog include Snow Sailor, about the first person to snow sail across Antarctica; post-stroke author Shelagh Brennand’s A Stroke Of Poetry; and oncology psychotherapist Barbara Wood’s Boob Buddies. Of course, there are others. Short film cinema does not get any more real than the movies at Inspireflix.

For more, please visit Inspireflix.


Paul Wolfle, the publisher of, is a web-based journalist who has written for several popular sites. Paul has a passion for connecting with a diversity of musicians who are looking to grow a positive presence on the World Wide Web.



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