Copperstone’s ‘Unsaid’: Conscious About Overcoming Addiction

Band raises awareness about a worldwide issue through new song and video

FFO: Rock, Alt Rock, Pop Rock

Notwithstanding the global pandemic and wide-ranging social distancing restrictions, Copperstone put the last year or so to good use by creating and recording “Unsaid,” an original song about some of the frailties that go along with being human, namely addition. The band believes in the cause and the music, so much, proceeds from “Unsaid” are being donated to fight the disease. With a new 6-song debut EP available, there is an accompanying video for “Unsaid” and more.

The music

Listening to “Unsaid,” the 2:52 track starts off with an accentuated bass and drum rhythm battery before the vocals arrive. Copperstone wastes no time getting underway as the song’s beat and the singer’s accentuations create a particular emphasis while a searing guitar lead simmers underneath. The beat, the singing and musicianship emit a controlled energy-driven emotion, prime fodder in the hands of Copperstone. 

A virtual collaboration, the recording and production of “Unsaid” are to be commended. Checking out the song through headphones, the guitar can be heard on the right, achieving a pleasant stereo quality. Separation of instruments and vocals is clear. Furthermore, the lyrics reveal something is not quite right in the words,” She cries in her bed, with tears in her eyes…/She doesn’t know why, why so much pain.”

Accompanying imagery

Watching the video for “Unsaid,” the visuals are tightly synced to the music. Restless and uneasy, the central character’s face, body language and actions evoke a contemporary parallel to a global issue. According to Copperstone, the group is working with a charity called Shatterproof, donating any earnings from “Unsaid” in the name of fighting addiction.

During the pandemic, Copperstone’s band members, some based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and others from Richmond, Virginia, recorded enough music to create the EP Vinyl, released Nov 5, 2020, which includes the songs “Partner In Crime,” “No One,” “Fell For You,” “The Race,” “Hummingbird,” and “Bye Bye.”

For more, please visit Copperstone’s official web site.

For more about overcoming addiction, visit the official Shatterproof web site.


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