The New Icons’ ‘Persistence Of Memory’

Band releases first track from 2021 concept EP

FFO: Rock, Prog Rock, Indie, Alternative  

The New Icons are back with “Persistence Of Memory,” a cut that exudes an ageless quality, transcending time with sonically creative barriers. From the forthcoming EP A Dalian Dream, the music conveys a bit of the previous and the present, perhaps aligned with some subconscious waking. A strong rhythm battery, guitar and vocals congeal into a unified concept ready for listening.

A marked change 

Now available for streaming and download, “Persistence Of Memory, ” from The New Icons, ambitiously draws upon the legendary artist Salvador Dali, while transforming surrealistic visual notions into a fresh musical idea. With that in mind, the Icons’ performance and musicianship are stellar throughout. The same holds true for recording and production. With The New Icons, the description, Dali-esque, takes on a different, contemporary meaning. “Persistence Of Memory” arrives as a follow up to 2020’s debut album, Electric Ghost Graffiti.

The accompanying video for “Persistence Of Memory,” featuring footage from ©Walt Disney Animation Studios 2003 short, Destino, drives the Icons point home. Joined with the band’s instrumentation, Dali’s Disney figures seem to move in a different, daresay, modern way. The video editing fits perfectly within the song arrangement. Rockers, animation aficionados, art enthusiasts and others can find common ground with The New Icons’ “Persistence Of Memory.”  

The New Icons are Anthony Hart, James Taylor, Kevin McKay and John Riley.

Look for the A Dalian Dream EP later in 2021.

For more information, please visit The New Icons official website.


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