Deadwolff Releases Limited Edition Cassette

Toronto, Canada-based band’s self-titled, headbanging debut EP on tape

FFO: Hard Rock, Classic Heavy Metal, Hard Punk, New Wave of Heavy Rock and Roll

If the group’s five-song EP and video for “Double Up” are any indication, Deadwolff sounds and looks like the trio does exactly what they want to do. It often involves creating music focused on indulgent idleness, like beer drinking, gambling and playing loudly. There is a certain authenticity that rings true to the music of Deadwolff. Here is why.

Two tape reels and digital

With 100 copies originally available, the cassette version of the Deadwolff EP was released on May 7, 2021 through Los Angeles, California’s Metal Assault Records label. The band’s cassette conveniently satisfies an urge somewhere between vinyl and CDs. For anyone missing out on the 17:52 tape, the collection continues to be offered on digital platforms from Boonsdale Records since Dec. 18, 2020. For enthusiasts favoring Judas Priest, Motorhead, April Wine and others, the word now is Deadwolff.    

Up on the screen too

A guy in a flannel shirt and red baseball cap handing over a beer makes up some of the opening imagery; watching the official “Double Up” music video is all unassuming and down to Earth. The video surely radiates the genuineness associated with the music of Deadwolff. Meanwhile, a rapidly timed bass line picks away as the cymbals begin to crash. Soon the guitar enters with a wicked, high-gain energy and the party begins taking hold. This is precisely when the guy behind the bar pops in a cassette tape and the vocals begin with a befitting, “Let loose, hands on fire.” Keep in mind “Double Up” is just one of the cuts from Deadwolff’s self-titled EP.

Deadwolff can be described as one of the new wave of heavy rockers, serving up vintage musings with a contemporary interpretation.  

Deadwolff is Thomas Wolffe – bass, vocals; Bobby Deuce – guitars, backing vocals; and Rawa Brant –  drums.

For more, please visit the official Deadwolff website


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