Beseech The Scars: A Prog Metal Playlist And Video Must

Band’s music and visuals are fueled with mesmerizing intensity

FFO: Progressive Metal, Metal

Changing time signatures, a lightning rhythm battery and extreme vocals are only some of the reasons Beseech The Scars deserves attention. For instance, the YouTube video for the Cambridge, England-based band’s second track, “Access All Areas (Official Visualiser Video),” delivers a synced, spellbound effect which is almost inescapable. But there is much more about Beseech The Scars.

The music

Performance and production help make Beseech The Scars a serious contender among contemporary metalists. Enthusiasts looking for an infusion of post-pandemic readiness, Beseech The Scars’ “Access All Areas” fits the bill. The 6:48 cut is aggressive, cathartic, creative and highly amped. For anyone looking to cut loose when COVID becomes a memory, be sure to make playlist room for Beseech The Scars.     

Giving a listen through headphones and then a larger home stereo system, all speaker cones, including the subwoofer, received a workout. Skins, cymbals, bass strings, guitar work, the vocals and more: everything is cranked. According to Beseech The Scars YouTube channel, “Access All Areas” is “a small part of a four-year plan.”

The accompanying video

On screen, as the music maintains intensity levels, an enveloping background pulses and flows from icy grays to an ember red and back again. All the while, a steady, stylized image hovers at the focal point as the background changes. The motion of steadily moving bricks along the walls, in and out, creates a hypnotizing effect. At about the 5:07 mark, the background turns dark for the first time. All in all, Beseech The Scars serves a one-two of powerful music matched with an intriguing video.  

For more, please visit the official site for Beseech The Scars.


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