Lone Tree’s ‘Rude Bwoy’: Presenting Classic Newness

Nairobi, Kenya-based band captures the finer aspects of a great rock song

FFO: Rock, Album Oriented Rock

Watching the video for “Rude Bwoy” from Lone Tree, impressive Wah pedal phrasing stands out as clear and fluid. In addition, subtle slide guitar is perfectly positioned over the frets for immaculate intonation. While humbuckers and single coils are warmed up and ready, this merely begins to describe “Rude Bwoy,” from Lone Tree.

The group’s musicianship is self-evident within the song.

According to the Lone Tree Instagram page, the band “Is heavily influenced by the greats that came before us.” Listeners and viewers will find that premise to be true and more. Recording music seems to be a natural tendency for the band. From the nine-song EP Haven To A Heavy Soul, the single “Rude Bwoy” is a terrific sample of Lone Tree’s work. Playing and singing is what the band is all about. While the instrumentation during “Rude Bwoy,” including the rhythm battery is faultless, the vocals further evoke a feeling of seasoned professionalism and sincerity for their craft.

Believing “In the revival of righteous music” is a philosophy in action as far as Lone Tree goes. Featuring a Stratocaster® and an SG®,  the black and white video for “Rude Bwoy” fits right into that idea. During the footage, the focus shifts from guitarists to drummer, bass player and over to the lead and backing vocalists, creating a composite that speaks through the imagery. In fact, a kind of one for all and all for one ethos emerges from the visuals.

Lone Tree is Patrick Sanders – lead guitar; Teresa Sanders – vocals; Silas Piper – rhythm, slide guitar; Ike Ngala – pianist, violinist, backup vocals; Ben Matsaert – bass; and Gabe Gebremedhin – drums.

For more, please visit the official Lone Tree page.

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