Music Preview: Mauro Mase – ‘Amica Di Scuola’ (School Friend)

Italian songwriter and performer’s latest single strikes familiar memories    

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Fond memories abound during “Amica Di Scuola,” the new song from prolific music artist Mauro Mase. With a rich discography of albums, singles and collaborations, Mase also has appeared on several popular European television shows, writing the score for others. An enthusiast of the late great Lucio Battisti, Mase’s live tours often center on the much-loved musician. With all of this and more as a background, get ready for “Amica Di Scuola,” from Mauro Mase.

Before the pandemic, school continued to be a place where lifetime memories are created in most any language. Within the reminiscences, a first love and budding relationships often make for the warmest of recollections. Available Sep. 12, 2021, Mauro Mase’s “Amica Di Scuola,” which translates to “Friend of the School,” or just “School Friend,” touches on romantic crushes, sometimes brought together by the classroom. With Italian lyrics, the title itself holds a certain youthful affection. Regarding “Amica Di Scuola,” according to Mase, “If listening to the song, you were able to identify yourself in the story, then I can be satisfied.”

In addition to the sentiment.

Car horns, people and other street-level sounds soon are joined by a driving stop time music beat. At :31 the vocals enter, accessible and in the moment. By :53, “Amica Di Scuola’s” rock appeal is thoroughly established. The guitars are played with finesse, the rhythm battery tightly maintaining the time signature during unique accents. Meanwhile, the charismatic vocals add character to the 2:53 track. While superb instrumentation and vocals provide nostalgia, “Amica Di Scuola’s” musicianship presents a rock magnetism.     

For more about Mauro Mase, “Una voce per Battisti,” or “A voice for Battisti,” please visit the artist’s official web page.


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