Pale Wizard Records’ Commemorative 50YR Album Project: Noteworthy Endeavor Is Underway

Pale Wizard

Record label set for Alice Cooper’s ‘Killer’ remake and other noted titles

FFO: Metal Rock, Hard Rock, Tribute Albums

Reminding enthusiasts of outstanding albums in music history, while adding contemporary countenance, Pale Wizard Records aims to release several famous collections exactly 50 years to the day the LP first became available. For instance, according to news, on Nov.27, 2021, Pale Wizard will release Killer: 50 Years Later, a tribute to Alice Cooper. Various metal artists lend musicianship to the new album, with three tracks available on Bandcamp for advance listening and ordering.  

Works on different levels.

Pale Wizard Records’ Killer: 50 Years Later steers attention to some of Alice Cooper’s finest, including “Under My Wheels,” “Be My Lover” and “Desperado.” Cooper remains a sight to behold while the music continues to speak for itself. An amazing year for music, Cooper and Killer have only grown in influence and celebrity since 1971.

While tapping into what came before, Pale Wizard also possesses a modern spirit and delivery by using a bevy of uncommercialized bands providing covers of the songs for Killer: 50 Years Later. Guitar pickups, amplification and vocal approaches only begin to address the current awareness channeled through Cooper’s tracks. Listening to a preview, the artists’ renditions retain the original emphasis while adding the power of interpretation. For example, Green Lung’s version of “Under My Wheels” spins to a metal edge and Mos Generator’s “Dead Babies” stings with additional musical weight. Among the twelve songs, one of the bonus track’s impressive highlights is doom metalists Alunah’s “I’m Eighteen.”

In the future, enthusiasts can expect other collections from the Pale Wizard Record’s 50 Years Later project.

For pre-order and more information, please visit the official Pale Wizard Records page.


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