Tay Temple’s ‘Forbidden’: The Nuance Of Temptation, Confidence And Self-Control

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Recording artist releases lead single and accompanying video from forthcoming debut EP

FFO: Alt Folk Rock, Rock, Independent Songwriters

With strains of rock, folk and perhaps even a slight twang, “Forbidden,” from singer and guitar player Tay Temple presents an imaginative cross-sectional sound. Written by Temple, the lyrics suggest a sense of personal struggle and temptation, yet with an air of optimism and growth. Accompanied by some first-rate musicians, “Forbidden” is from the upcoming six-song EP, Painfully Aware. An accompanying video for “Forbidden” is available on YouTube.

Relating to the music.

Listening to “Forbidden,” the 4:27 track begins with an :18 second intro as Temple provides the vocals over one guitar’s sparse but timely single struck chords. The Manchester, England-based artist’s voice is front and center, production clear and warm. A quick guitar riff signals the change as the full band enters, including a dynamic rhythm battery. As Temple finishes the first stanza, which also contains part of the refrain, the band establishes the time and the singer continues within the pace. There are three particular breaks in the track where Temple reaches for and achieves higher pitched notes of a nuanced display and capacity while singing, “You are a fire/A tiger in a cage.”

Fine musicianship during “Forbidden” includes a punchy bass and accented skins with just the right amount of cymbals. Guitar licks flow throughout, a bit underneath the mix, allowing expression without overtaking the rest of the music.

The band lineup for “Forbidden” is  Tay Temple vocals, guitar; Jordi Shevlin – lead guitar; Jasmine Gordon – bass; and Connor Adams – drums.

For more about Tay Temple, please visit the artist’s official page.


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