The Popravinas’ ‘Goons West’: Superlative Collection Of Alt-Country Rock


Eleven new songs merit consideration as one of year’s best independent albums

FFO: Rock, Alt-Country, Power Pop

From the album Goons West by The Popravinas, what makes the song “Do The Creep” recommendable begins with an accessible beat, followed by faultless guitar chord movements and a magnetic momentum. But this merely begins to describe the music from Goons West. The 2:50 time and title hint at the ideas to follow. Throw in terrific vocal work and instrumentation and The Popravinas’ charisma becomes abundantly clear. 

Beyond the album’s opening track, an impressive sound.

Available on the Zesty Smile Music label, delving into Goons West, a kind of Wilco-Flying Burrito Brothers-New Riders Of The Purple Sage atmosphere is invoked equally through headphones as well as larger external speakers. For instance, “Self Made Derecho” is a wonderful example of fret-filled musicianship and twang. When the singing begins, a particular Southern California magic takes hold as the Santa Monica-based band adds The Popravinas touch. The result is melodious fun wrapped in a “Self Made Derecho.”

Released Aug. 25, 2021, keep in mind there are no bad apples in the bunch on Goons West. At times reminiscent of The Replacements, moving through the collection, “Feasibility Holdout” is another highlight which is slightly more guitar-oriented but still with excellent pedal steel, vocals and melody. Next, “Bunkin’ In Reno,” a 3:03 countryish jam with plenty of picking, is followed by “Might Want Out,” a further standout from the album. With The Popravinas, pronounced “Pope-rah-veen-ahs” according to the group’s Bandcamp page, having a distinct style, “Zoom To The Ocean” sways in the breeze while “Minor Resistance” has more of a bite. All eleven tracks are worthy of recognition.

Goons West is the fourth album from The Popravinas.

The band lineup is Eddy Sill – lead vocals, bass; John Adair – electric and acoustic six and 12 string lead and rhythm guitars, background vocals, pedal steel, keyboards, mandolin, banjo, percussion, piano; Dean Lyons – rhythm guitar; David Rodgers drums; and Bryon Haney – keyboards, piano.

For more, please visit The Popravinas official site.



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