Beyond The Grey’s ‘Fight Or Flight’: An Increased Responsiveness

Band serves up outstanding listening and visuals with latest song

FFO: Hard Rock, Rock

Watching the YouTube video for “Fight Or Flight” from Beyond The Grey, the acoustic intro is fleeting before a Marshall® amplifier, PRS® and Jackson® guitars all hint at the equipment that may have been used to create the serious six-string tones heard throughout. Add the pithy bass and drum battery and striking vocals and let the BTG experience begin.

Beyond The Grey draws upon the band’s favorite influences in creating the group’s respective music style.

After hitting play for “Fight Or Flight,” Beyond The Grey’s musicianship can easily be heard but so can other indirect indications. A mean, even wicked connotation thrives as the bass line and rhythm guitar movements slink along before the 3:43 track pushes toward the chorus. Check out the quick hitting lead solo at :58. Before long, the time signature makes a rapid changeover as the arrangement takes a rhythmic turn, including notched-up vocals during the line, “Run for your life…Take cover now/It’s fight or flight…you should be flying out.”

An original song, at 1:56 a particular, almost trippy shimmer emerges before the track returns to plan. Definitely some pedal work going on. Production is excellent. Meanwhile, the accompanying video for “Fight Or Flight” adds to the band’s personality while offering entertaining visuals. Watch for the lead singer’s Blacktop Mojo t-shirt, no doubt a nod to the band from Palestine, Texas.

Beyond The Grey is  David Lingenfelter – vocals; Jim McNeill – bass; John Alexander – guitar; Scott David Cameron – guitar, vocals; and Eric Nissen – drums.

For more, please visit Beyond The Grey’s official page links.


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