Brothers In Arms’ ‘The City Never Sleeps’: Arena Rock From The Studio

Band’s latest demonstrates a dominating sound complete with a lyric video

FFO: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

The opening guitar chords have an anthemic ring and the vocalist’s delivery is cranked during the first seven seconds of “The City Never Sleeps,” from Brothers In Arms. The music has an authority that cannot be denied. Though “The City Never Sleeps” is a studio recording, Brothers In Arms radiates an over-the-top energy, as if a live show. Bringing a certain power to the mix, that distinction is easily heard in “The City Never Sleeps.”

The music from Brothers In Arms captures the amperage and awe of a sold-out arena.

Guitar driven, as far as “The City Never Sleeps” goes, performance reigns supreme. The tone and dexterity of the fretwork, combined at times with searing vocals, rock in fervor. Vocal range and phrasing adds to the muscular melody. Meanwhile, the drum and bass provide an aggressive rhythm battery from start to finish. Needless to say, the 4:06 track is loud and gets the blood flowing. Production is excellent.  

Watching the official lyric video for “The City Never Sleeps,” the overall theme, sometimes communicated through a time lapsed metropolitan skyline, suggests gritty reality, especially at night. At one point during the video, the screen is filled with throngs of concert goers, followed by the band’s greyed silhouette, all while Brothers In Arms’ music plays on. Considering the headlines lately, the lyrics to “The City Never Sleeps,” from the album Sunset And Clark, feel particularly spot on with, “Footsteps, take a look behind/You never can be sure/Don’t forget, it’ll take your life when night people come to call…”

The band lineup for “The City Never Sleeps” is Jack Frost (Savatage, Seven Witches, Lizzy Borden) – guitarist, composer; Steve Overland (FM)vocals; Karl Wilcox (Diamond Head) – drummer; and Alex Jansen (Hardline) – bass.

For more about Brothers In Arms, please visit the band’s official site.


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