Malxolm Brixkhouse’s ‘Rapture’: Merging Metal And Hip Hop In Several Ways

Brooklyn, New York-based musician offers alternative listening and viewing experience

FFO: Hip Hop Metal, Nu Metal, Hard Rock, Rock

The video for “Rapture,” from guitarist, songwriter, composer, producer and engineer Malxolm Brixkhouse, suggests defiance in a good versus evil type of imagery, including an electric crucifix, lightning bolts and a further, stylized atmosphere. With lyrics mentioning NASCAR, living fast and disaster, the music is galvanized in extremes as well as strength. Yet this only begins to describe “Rapture,” from Malxolm Brixkhouse.

“Rapture” satisfies loyal enthusiasts while presenting a fresh sound for new listeners.

Checking in at Soundcloud, the intro to Malxolm Brixkhouse ‘s “Rapture” starts with solo fretwork and perhaps a phaser effect. Right away, a six-string presence hovers in the speakers. At :14 a brief groove takes hold as the vocals emerge, creating anticipation and a degree of trippiness. Soon the full force of the 3:56 track kicks in with a certain metal hip hop appeal. The instrumentation and production during “Rapture” lean toward metal, while the vocals reflect a contemporary hip hop delivery, consequently the tag nu metal. The music artist’s lyrics have a melodious flow throughout the track. Meanwhile, the drums and bass are driving and punchy, keeping the time signature tight around any corners.

Heightening the senses, the accompanying video for “Rapture” is the perfect sync, poetically and romantically graphic, while maintaining Brixkhouse’s sonic edge. The song’s visual narrative includes a long-haired femme fatale beauty and a central character, Brixkhouse, appearing in both indoor and outdoor action. Blood flowing, the main character cannot find assistance. Guitar playing, on a telecaster shaped solid body, is briefly interspersed along the way. In order to learn the outcome of the story, viewing is a must. Generally speaking, the video for “Rapture” is dramatic as the music plays, making for a superb complement.

During the video for “Rapture,” the woman’s facial expressions, electrified crucifix and film effects all impart a kind of supernatural essence. Yet, reality is preserved in the outdoor scenes and especially at 2:50 when things take a turn. The music and video for “Rapture” work well in many ways. For these reasons and more, “Rapture,” by Malxolm Brixkhouse, is a standout. No wonder the artist’s Facebook page is so popular.   

For more, please visit Malxolm Brixkhouse’s official web site.


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