T. Ledger Delivers Superb ‘8 Bit’ Single, Matching Video

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Music artist nails vocalist bit pop-ish track from independent album

FFO: 8-Bit Pop, Bit Pop, Electronic

Uninterrupted vocals presented over a computerized music mix provides a singular listening experience during “8 Bit,” by T. Ledger. From the album Sue Me I Want To Die, the accompanying video for “8 Bit” evokes equal admiration and curiosity. Possessing just the right human touch and programmable appeal adds up to an edgy audio visual cleverness from musician T. Ledger. Think of “8 Bit” as an impelling force bound in a song. Here is why.          

Ledger’s “8 Bit” goes beyond gaming songs while immersed in an expressive artistic trajectory.

Available on Spotify, T. Ledger’s “8 Bit” works on several levels. While music tracks touting an 8-bit description often evoke thoughts of coded gaming devices and chiptune theme songs, the Melbourne, Australia-based Ledger injects human authenticity with the vocals. With rhythmic binary sounding micro angles providing the musical context, the 4:19 track pushes on as Ledger creates an emotional atmosphere. A particular attitude and presence emerges from the recording.

A great way of getting acquainted with a music artist is through a video, including “8 Bit.” Colorful, animated graphics pulsate as the music escalates with controlled tension. At 1:14 into the track, Ledger appears, sharing the screen with animated blocks of color, at times seeming to be losing control. No doubt, a modern uneasiness intentionally grips the performance. “8 Bit” is from the 10-song, 3 hour and 28 minute album, Sue Me I Want To Die.

For more, please visit T. Ledger’s official site.


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