Dread Daze’s ‘Shy’: Modern Reggae With A Music Roots Flavor

Group’s latest, including an animated video, presents warm musicianship paired with fond memories    

FFO: Reggae, Reggae Hip Hop, Reggae Rock

Communicating a message of remembrance and bashful affection through reggae-infused vocal harmonies and first rate recording production, “Shy,” from Dread Daze, is about sharing  cherished memories. The first music from Dread Daze following a three-year hiatus, the official video for “Shy” offers an animated perspective synced to the song. A neatly heavy bassline maintains rhythmic pulses throughout the sound mix.

“Shy” expresses an appealing Jamaican music influence together with terrific melodic charm.

The beginning of the accompanying video for “Shy” states, “This song is dedicated to people who remember their first love.” The sentence has an unassuming ring while giving reason to pause for a moment, reflect and hopefully smile. Having such a great outlook on life, the band’s music follows suit with an equally enjoyable listening and viewing experience. The idea behind the 4:03 track is clear-cut, while the animated video for “Shy” evokes the responsiveness of the music. Though animated, the cartoon characters radiate personified virtues in an endearing way.                           

Music with reggae energy has a particular get up and go at just the right pace, including “Shy.” Available for download and streaming, separation of instruments adds to the listening accessibility. While arrangement, instrumentation and production are excellent, so is performance. At 2:35, the track changes to more of a contemporary vocal style before moving back again. Firsthand, the song is equally impressive through stereo speakers and headphones. With “Shy,” Dread Daze establishes a groove surely worthy of hitting replay.

For more about the music, please visit Dread Daze’s official links.

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