Vardis Redux: ‘100M.P.H.@100 Club’

Influential NWOBHM band releases fresh rendition of debut LP  

FFO: New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, 1970s And 1980s Heavy Rock

In a time-defying dose of authenticity, veteran musician Steve Zodiac and the revitalized band Vardis have re-released the group’s powerful 100M.P.H. live LP with the current collection recorded at London’s celebrated 100 Club. This time, with 100M.P.H.@100 Club, Zodiac and crew have covered the original 1980 album and more by way of two digipak CDs, a double vinyl LP, download and streaming. For retro heavy metal and rock enthusiasts, Vardis’s 100M.P.H.@100 Club is the way to go.

100M.P.H.@100Club is a tribute to an important heavy metal band’s endurance and innovation.

Recorded Mar. 13, 2020, celebrating the 40th anniversary of 100M.P.H., similar to the original, the pledge “Guaranteed No Overdubs” still applies. While intangibly framing the ideas and performances behind the 100M.P.H.@100Club’s track list, Vardis is still a voracious trio, hungry to crank at a higher amplitude. The accompanying official, live lyric video for “Let’s Go Again” syncs to a musical pulse of frets, skins and bass strings often concentrated in punkish rhythms. Also, from 100M.P.H.@100Club, “Out Of The Way” is another video and song where the dynamized triumvirate dominates with a brawny anthemic appeal.

Listening closely to the tracks on 100M.P.H.@100Club, Vardis innately incorporates flavors of glam rock, punk and heavy metal, thanks in large part to Zodiac’s repertoire and appetite for playing. Vardis’s forte is live music, which translates well to recording. According to the official Vardis website, the band was “Cited by metal giants such as Metallica and Megadeth.” After hearing 100M.P.H.@100Club, the reasons are clear.

For more about the music and Vardis, please visit the band’s official website.


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