Pess: ‘You Can Make Hamburger Yourself’ And More Prime Cuts

Japan-based duo’s debut collection creates intensities in the music 

FFO: Art Rock, Rock, Alternative

The name of the title track from the album You Can Make Hamburger Yourself, by Pess, is a curious consideration for a song. At first glance, a bit of humor rings out in the words and the imagined intent behind the song. But the lyrics will get listeners only so far because the music is what provides the added dimension and excitement. On the Aagoo Records label, You Can Make Hamburger Yourself is suitable for omnivorous listeners and others too. Here is why.

Listening to You Can Make Hamburger Yourself is fun and feels good.

Turning on the title cut “You Can Make Hamburger Yourself,” the music begins operating in different concentrations. On one hand, the time signature is expertly kept, drumbeat slamming to a steady pace. Meanwhile, the guitar spits out higher pitched fretwork, creating somewhat of a frenzy. At :15 into the 2:52 track, the vocals begin between the rhythm battery and the lead solos, providing an audibly entertaining juxtaposition. Feeding off the energy of the music, though Pess is a duo and Thurston Moore’s legendary Sonic Youth a trio, “You Can Make Yourself Hamburger” brought to mind similar impressions.

Checking out the album’s song list, “Dreamspin” has a likeable melodious appeal matched with a rhythmic funkiness. The vocals offer personality against succinct instrumentation. Moving along, “Roller Coaster” has more of a rock drive, the same with “Hieroglyph.” Next up, “Wind Of June,” grooves to a percussive gust and “Pixel,” at 5:23 the longest track on the album, slows things down. The band returns to a pop rock-ish character with “Throw It Away.” By some means, an experimental air is never far away.

Each song from You Can Make Hamburger Yourself has an accompanying YouTube video featuring the album’s cover. There is an additional video for the title track lead single, which is amusing and fun to watch. Look for the two burger finale on toasted brioche buns.

For more, please visit Pess’ official links.

Pess Album


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