‘Medicine’ From pMad: A First Look


Solo artist continues upward momentum with release of second single, video

FFO: Goth Rock, Post Punk, Dark Wave

Depending on the ailment, treatment and further prevention is generally accepted as a typical course of care. Then again, an unusual case might require something different, maybe more potent. If the standard prescriptions and over-the-counter remedies have turned lackluster, perhaps the time has arrived for pMad’s “Medicine.” Following the debut single “Who Am I,” the 5:27 “Medicine,” available Feb. 1, 2022, also has a striking music video, brimming with self-awareness and observations of the world at large.

“Medicine” suggests pMad’s music underscores an internal focus of hard realism over external influences and processes.  

On the Zedakube Records label, while listening to “Medicine,” it becomes clear how pMad turns life’s personal interpretations into post-punk flavored goth rock, sealed with the artist’s own musical signature. Great basslines, guitar work, keyboards and a rhythmic drum groove provide the instrumentation and aura. At :20 into the cut, pMad’s vocal tone and lyrics begin, rounding out the hovering gloom, draped in a haunting clove-smoked reality. That same defining spirit is perhaps best exemplified during the lines, “Vice has its own reward/It’s not in a pill you know…/It’s within.”

Irish-based recording artist pMad, whose real name is Paul Dillon, has an accompanying video for “Medicine” which combines sensory elements amid the music. A kind of scratched, almost vintaged affect overlays the film. Watch for the woman in a nightgown walking in shallow water, followed by a group of boys, one wearing what appears to be a Beatles sweatshirt, before the footage briefly switches to a person on fire. Look for the influence of COVID-era masks too. The video for “Medicine” surely furthers the goth mood and reflection.

According to the press release, the “Medicine” video “…follows the vicious circle that we struggle with in an audio and visual feast.” Additionally, the footage is descriptive, well edited and compliments the music.

Also, “Medicine” the single will be available on a 2-song CD with “Who Am I.” If purchased on Bandcamp, a free download of a remixed ‘Who Am I” is free.

**Read a review of pMad’s “Who Am I” here!**

For more about pMad, please visit the artist’s official website.



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