Music Artist pMad’s ‘Broken’: A Commonality Of Strength

Latest single urges need to accept flaws in order to flourish

FFO: Goth Rock, Post Punk, Synth Wave, Dark Wave

Militant personalities living life on the edge in a human rights vigil is the immediate takeaway while watching the video for “Broken,” from pMad. Concerned with the individual as well as society at large, pMad’s visual, musical and lyrical expression is thoroughly conveyed. Add the artist’s haunting vocals and “Broken” comes alive with a goth-meets-post-punk crack right down the middle of the mirror. This is merely the beginning of being “Broken.”

The artist pMad is a reminder of how the human condition survives somewhere between hardwired faults and enduring hope.

The third single from pMad, the 3:55 “Broken,” moves with character among the keyboards, bass, guitar lines and drums. The bass drives with delineation and the skins pound as pMad enters with the County Galway, Ireland-based musician’s trademark evocative vocals, melancholy infused, yet difficult to ignore or forget. The rhythm battery has an almost anthemic thrill. As far as instrumentation, vocals, arrangement and performance, pMad has everything covered.              

Song lyrics and stanzas tend to reveal the artist as well as the person behind the words. At the beginning of “Broken,” Paul Dillon, known as pMad asks, “Who let you live my life?/It’s broken.” With a Smiths-like momentum, further into the track, the singer observes “We live as best we can/I paint my face/I live my life/Living.” Poetic, symbolic, pMad’s sensitivities seep through the vowels and consonants and into the psyche of listeners. Available now, “Broken” follows  the singles “Who Am I” and “Medicine.”

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