Vass/Katsionis – ‘Ethical Dilemma’: Prime Prog Power Metal From Greece

Seasoned pros join forces on new album collaboration

FFO: Progressive Power Metal, 90s Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal

During the first 30 seconds of “Mark The Moment,” an advanced single from Vass/Katsionis’s Ethical Dilemma,guitar tone and dexterity blast the 4:19 track’s introduction wide open before lesser amped single string notes take hold, setting the entrance for the vocals. Available Feb. 2, 2022, listen closely for a certain creative concept revealed through the lyrics. In addition, fluid time changes, symphonic guitars, expert keyboards, drums and bass and a four-octave vocal range set this project apart.

The Athens-based musicians have turned out an impeccable, original collection, worthy of recognition from eager metalists and other serious enthusiasts.

Vass/Katsionis has also released an accompanying video for “Mark The Moment,” respectively featuring the lead singer and guitarist, interspersed with the silhouetted figure of a man standing in front of floor to ceiling windows, overlooking a metropolitan skyline. Of course, the instruments stand out too, including the vocal mic. On the Symmetric Records label, other highlights from Ethical Dilemma include album opener “Message To The Masses,” “Web Weaver,” “Dreamscreen,” “Faceless Encounter” and more.

Regarding the music of Ethical Dilemma, according to band’s press release, Billy Vass points out, “It’s definitely a concept album. It didn’t really begin that way. When I began writing the lyrics and melodies, I realized how the music to every song had a constant.”

Bob Katsionis explains, “The 90’s progressive metal as it was presented to us by Fates Warning, Queensryche and Conception was our foundation, on which we built our own fortress, the Ethical Dilemma album.”

The musicians on Ethical Dilemma are Billy Vass – vocals; Bob Katsionis – guitars, keyboards; Telis Kafkas – bass; and Bill Di Benedetto – drums.

Ethical Dilemma was recorded and mixed at Sound Symmetry Studio; produced and mixed by Bob Katsionis; mastered by Nasos Nomikos at VU Productions.

For more, please visit the official Vass/Katsionis Bandcamp link.



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