Emilia Vaughn’s ‘Pieces And Pages’: Reducing Stigmas, Creating A Caring Community

Recording artist shares music and direction in debut single, with the hope of helping others

FFO: American Alternative Pop, Singer-songwriters

Enthusiasts arriving on Emilia Vaughn’s official website encounter a landing page pulsating with energy and design, much like the single and video for “Pieces And Pages.” A multidimensional talent with boundless inspiration and expression, Vaughn’s approach to life and song includes turning the worst of fears into valuable blessings. On the artist’s website, the singer is wearing strategically placed flowers symbolizing the music, ideas and sometimes the pain that goes into creativity.

Emilia Vaughn is an artist who gives of herself in order to improve others’ lives, considerations heard during the recording artist’s single, “Pieces And Pages.”

Available now through the independent label Emilia Vaughn Entertainment and Media Group, with support from artist development partners OC Hit and DNT Entertainment, the 2:55 cut begins the first :25 in a slow manner, allowing Vaughn to establish a heartfelt enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter’s personal touch maintains a special connection to listeners and viewers. When the San Diego, California-based artist ends the with the stanza, “So I could fall on solid ground,” the song’s time signature changes, radiating an upbeat sense. Skillful piano and a handclap-type rhythm create a somewhat funky pop instrumentation and a perfect foil for Vaughn’s sensitivities and singing.

But the in the case of Emilia Vaughn, the song is about more than just the music. Vaughn is raising awareness about mental health issues, having experienced anxiety and depression. On Vaughn’s website, the artist indicates she has “…lived long enough to turn my worst fears into blessings. I like to tell people that I’ve grown flowers out of my pain.” Taking that idea even further to an altruistic turn, according to the press release for “Pieces And Pages,” Vaughn’s goal is to create “…a community of confident, loving and open minded individuals.”

For more about the music and Emilia Vaughn, please visit the artist’s official website.


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