New Sokojo EP: Getting Real With ‘More’

Los Angeles, California-based band releases hard-hitting debut collection

FFO: Hard Rock, Alternative

Featuring punk-ish dance rhythms, driving melodies and precise hooks, Sokojo’s More delivers a distinctive hard rock approach through five original tracks. Infused with radio-ready appeal, two guitars, drums, bass and vocals provide the amperage and well, More. Instrumentation, arrangement and production are first-rate but then so is Sokojo. Listen closely because the songs from Sokojo often hold a special message, including the EP’s title track.

Beyond the excellent musicianship and performance, Sokojo has something major to say with More.     

Advanced singles from More garnered social media success leading up to the EP’s release on Feb. 4, 2022. Among the songs, “Keeps Me Going” retains a blues guitar influence on the dance floor while “Something Real” is a heavier hard rock ballad. Each of the cuts from More have their respective messages but the title track is particularly poignant. Cloaked in a skin of realism, “More” is a story within itself.

Watching the 4:36 performance video for the single “More” only enhances the Sokojo music experience. With single coils and humbuckers providing attitude and power, the giant palm trees and blue sky signal a West Coast backdrop. At :13 into the recording, just after a quick glimpse of a man’s grey snakeskin ankle boot, the vocals begin and suddenly the atmosphere is complete. The sights and sounds of the video for “More” add up to a powerful narrative regarding toxicity, drug problems and a collapsing personal relationship. Human drama, a path toward self-destruction, terrific music; it is all there with Sokojo’s “More.”

The five songs on the EP More are “Keeps Me Going”; “More”; “Something Real”; “Never Knew”; and “Again?”

Sokojo is Kris Soekotjo – lead vocals, guitar; Kyle Soekotjo – guitar, vocals; Sabastian Neudeck – drums; and Jeff Lane – bass, vocals.

For more about the music and Sokojo, please visit the band’s official website. Also check out the official music video for “More.”


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