Music Review: Bad Mary’s Winning Ways

Bad Mary Glitter Bomb-jpg.comPunk rock rhythms, riffs and insolence dominate Glitter Bomb, the latest EP from Bad Mary. Fast, full blown and in your face, defiantly explicit lyrics delivered with attitude only adds to the fun. Seriously, do not even try to resist a band with merchandise that includes a “Mother Fu**ing Ninja” t-shirt. Each song from Glitter Bomb delivers a similar, edgy detonation and style. But there is more to say about the music and the musicians.

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The 2:13 opening track on Glitter Bomb, “Motor Mouth,” features a whiplash rhythm with razor sharp palm muting and frenzied vocal work, combining to create a contemporary music cut of classic New York punk proportions. Influenced by The Ramones, Blondie, No Doubt, Green Day, Paramore, among others, Bad Mary is no less than impressive on “Motor Mouth,” where “Everyone likes to talk too much.” Remember this is just the EP’s first cut.

With lead vocalist Amanda Mac’s high voltage singing out in front, “Will You Still Love Me,” the second song on the album, emits a hardcore Gwen Stefani-meets-Debbie Harry kind of charm. Guitarist David Henderson’s fretwork is punchy and fresh, while Mike Staub (bass/vocals) and music veteran Bill Mac (drums) keep the rhythm battery firmly wound andBad Mary Glitter on pace. By the way, Bill Mac is Amanda’s dad. But hold on to your hats and anything else; after Henderson’s pyrotechnic six-string finesse, at 2:03, the band bumps the time up for a faster run. Did you catch Staub’s vocal harmony? No wonder the loyal flock following Mary continues to grow. But the music gets even better.

If we had to pick a favorite song from the collection, the choice would be the title cut. The intro begins with electric power strumming in a mono effect before the rhythm section enters at :08 and Amanda Mac takes things away for a full dose of Bad Mary. Released on the Dead Pill label, the production stands out as much as the instrumentation. The drum fills on the toms sound great. Meanwhile, Amanda Mac definitely is the star that helps send the group over the top and into crowd-pleasing alt, pop, rock and punk music territories. AM’s presence is undeniable.

Another highlight, “Hybrid Moments,” carries a rock vibe and tempo, but with the group’s same committed intensity. The last two cuts, “Soul Mate” and “Japan,” return to a punked out Bad Mary. All things considered, the Long Bad Mary Glitter Bomb-jpg.comIsland-based band scores big time with Glitter Bomb.

Concerts Too  

Outside the studio, Bad Mary has a scorching live act, including being part of 2015’s Warped Tour lineup. Clips from assorted shows andBad songs are available on YouTube.


A 2014 first round Grammy Award ballot nominee, other collections from Bad Mary include We Could Have Saved The World; Killing Dinosaurs; and Better Days. The group’s cover of “Silent Night” is available as a single. What’s more, Bad Mary’s “Forget About It” and “Don’t Know Where The Line Is” provided the soundtrack to the NBA Finals in 2014. You can catch more of Bad Mary on the band’s page.

For booking information, email or call 516-526-2743.

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