Ivory Tower Project Music Video: Clever Award Nominee

Turn up the music. A distinctive rock video created by musician and animator Tim Ross features the single “Ring Around Rosie,” from Ivory Tower Project’s How Much Is More album. Ross, from the psychedelic pop indie cartoon band Apology None, was commissioned by ITP to produce a fully animated audiovisual, which has been nominated for Music Video Of The Year at the 2018 Nashville Universe Awards, to be held May 8th.

Watch This

A classic radio DJ coolly introduces the 3:49 video before the action takes hold, including the realistic sound of horse’s hooves pounding against the ground; Rosie’s young admirer sliding down a quickly breaking ladder from her Rapunzel like window; the ricochet off of a shiny church bell; and more. Overall, the melodic rock sound is skillfully synced with the images. Passionate vocal work and beautifully played single string electric guitar runs combine with the animation for a fun-to-watch experience.

The video for “Ring Around Rosie” is produced by Tim Ross, ©2018 Guerrilla Records-NY + ℗Rockamagula Music – (ASCAP). The song “Ring Around Rosie” is ©2016.

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2 thoughts on “Ivory Tower Project Music Video: Clever Award Nominee

  1. I love Ivory tower project This is awesome Music Old school rock and roll with a retro twist ,It don’t get any better than this

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