Kevin Farkas: Musician and Radio Host Returns with The FarCast


Kevin Farkas-jpg.comIndependent recording artist and songwriter Kevin Farkas has a way of making things happen. Farkas, who recently released rocked-out studio tracks with singer Cassie Re and six-string fretster Imran Ahmed, has reemerged on Internet radio in the Lehigh Valley, sporting a global indie music vision for musicians and eager listeners. Not surprising, music runs deep in Kevin Farkas’s blood. So does kicking ass and taking names.

Plugged In and Connected

Presented by Rocking the Valley and Kevin Farkas Music, airing Tuesday nights at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on WRTV, The FarCast features independent bands and soloKevin musicians typically with strong guitar-driven appeal. Rest assured, if anyone knows indie from an inside view, it surely is Keven Farkas. For instance, during the Mar. 5 show premiere, KF introduced “Lucifer’s Kiss,” co-written by Farkas, with Cassie Re on lead vocals and Imran Ahmed on guitar and another original, “They’re Coming.” But there is more.

In addition to collaborating with musicians on projects, Farkas is focused on tapping into the wealth of recorded indie talent waiting to be heard beyond the Lehigh Valley. Generally speaking, the Pennsylvania-based radio host describes The FarCast as his “Stellar Global Indie Catalog.” A frequent social media user often identified with #GotKev? in the posting, Farkas told us he even has an “AAA+ catalog” regarding select songs and bands are invited to get involved.

Rocking the Going Home Again

Farkas’s The FarCast originated on WRTV’s Rocking the Valley in 2014. But before long, Farkas had wider ranging plans, eventually pursuing a different path. Now, despite Thomas Wolfe’s way of thinking, The FarCast is back on the air because Farkas, Rocking the Valley and WRTV are together again.

Rocking the Valley, which began in Jan. 2104, is dedicated to supporting and promoting live music from the Lehigh Valley vicinity. Staffed by eager volunteers, owner Steve Jones is a seasoned performer with five decades of stage experience. TheFarCast broadens the view on Tuesday evenings with Farkas’s global indie music perspective. Rocking the Valley and The FarCast both have a common interest in serving up a variety of talent that listeners should know about.

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*Read the Kevin Farkas interview here.*

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