New Music Now Series: Jett Kwong – ‘Away’

Jett Kwong-jpg.comWatching singer Jett Kwong swing a red cowboy lariat through the air during the video for the new single “Away” is perhaps a means of getting in touch with the artist’s Denver, Colorado beginnings. Now, the Los Angeles-based talent wows audiences with a unique voice and Chinese guzheng music. While guzheng typically refers to classical zither music, Kwong incorporates the beautiful string tones to create a matchless, contemporary mix, capturing past and present. But there is more.

During the “Away” video, at about :24, when Kwong sings, “Lying awake through wasted days” and then reaches lower for the lyrics, “A debt to pay,” while the music stops playing, the vocalist’s range becomes quite clear. Kwong’s “Away” evokes experimental art pop tendencies and music diversity with serious listening appeal. The layered production and instrumentation within the recording are seamless and clear. The striking guzheng tones lend a solemn, focused feel.

Directed by Jett Kwong and Huan Manton, the video for “Away” is attention getting in itself, with keen visuals that speak to the issues of mixed heritage, individuality and inner motivation, all topics close to the singer’s heart. Additionally, mitosis dividing circles seem to be the focus of attention throughout the video. The narrative includes various people sitting around watching the odd oozing division on television, a desktop computer screen, mobile phone and tablet. With Kwong’s reddish eye shadow, matching lipstick and lasso, the presentation is stylized, professional and artistic.

For more about Jett Kwong please visit:

Artist Official Site





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