New Music Now Series: Tommy Grasley AKA TOMMYGUN – ‘Love Conquers All’

Tommy Grasley-jpg.comA thick bassline intro, steady beat and just the right amount of guitar distortion is enough to entice music listeners. Add the Mott The Hoople-type of piano fills, the clever vocals and anthemic lyric refrain and Tommy Grasley’s “Love Conquers All” becomes a new classic rock winner. Grasley, who also goes by the name TOMMYGUN, inserts a bit of humor and wit among the stanzas. But as you know, there is always more to the story.

Released Apr. 20, the 5:01 video for TG’s “Love Conquers All” is a showcase for the Toronto, Ontario-based musician’s lively personality. After watching, you just know that is Tommy’s true character coming through loud and clear. Set in various surroundings, including the staircase in a shopping mall and a park bench, Grasley is having a good time and it shows. The audiovisual synch is tight, well-timed and entertaining to watch. The only question is where Grasley got all those jackets and coats. The blue velvet blazer with rhinestones on the pocket flaps is a favorite.

But perhaps greater than the sight and sound of “Love Conquers All” is the message. When Grasley sings, “Love is love and hate is hate, knock it off before it’s too late,” the lyrics can ring both on an individual level and a larger scale. Those four letter words, love and hate, can be pretty powerful and Grasley knows that.

For more about Tommy Grasley please visit:

Artist’s Official Page





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