Jack Kapson’s ‘Mellow Sun’ Shines With Summer

Jack Kapson-jpg.comA true sense of style, rhythm and guitar-driven musicianship describes the five-song collection from Jack Kapson. Listening to Mellow Sun, the Chicago-based guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer’s inherent music talent becomes quite clear. Typically equipped with a sunburst semi-hollow body closely strapped and perhaps somewhere along the lines of John Mayer, James Bay, or Jason Mraz, Kapson’s songs encompass hints of rock, R&B, jazz and reggae. Besides, Mellow Sun makes for excellent summer listening. Here is why.

As far as singing and playing, Kapson has a comfortable, unadulterated form, the type where any imperfections would be hard to hide. But make no mistake, because JK’s vocals and guitar work are equally seamless. For instance, the 3:48 title track from Mellow Sun is filled withJack Kapson-jpg.com Kapson working the frets inside a pleasant time signature while the artist’s vocals are warm and peaceful. Sitting by the pool or under a friendly tree with a cool drink while listening to “Mellow Sun,” which opens the album, paints a welcoming picture. That is what Kapson is all about.

Kapson’s songs contain some terrific guitar riffs, including the second cut from Mellow Sun, “Empathy.” The short repeated phrases are a distinguishing part of the Kapson sound. Accessible and expertly played, the sophisticated six-string energy moves with a funky reggae-ish feel. A certain kindness emerges in Kapson’s music, even the titles, namely “Empathy,” which is no surprise. Listen closely because the songs contain themes of “positivity, social consciousness, spirituality” and more, leading to the Jason Mraz comparison.

Jack Kapson-jpg.com Next from Mellow Sun, the intro to “Nostalgia” is a bit exotic before the track becomes wistful and rhythmic. The backing vocal parts are timely and exact. Meanwhile, “World Thoughts” is concerned with solving bigger contemporary problems. The collection concludes with “Pieces,” the shortest song on the album, featuring an excellent, recurrent guitar lick, possibly whip-like hammer-ons and pull-offs. Together, the songs from Mellow Sun deliver a distinct style and performance.

Any one-trick-ponies should leave the room now. Check out the Youtube video for Kapson’s acoustic version of “Mellow Sun.” Three and four finger chording and picking above and below the twelfth fret, Kapson has things covered. “Mellow Sun” works acoustic as well as electric, marking a musician and song that deserve further attention. In addition to recording, the singer is a busy concert performer, both solo and with other projects. In the studio or live, Kapson’s skill surely shows.

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