Themorethanevers’ ‘Bionic’ New EP

Themorethanevers-jpg.comPensive, rhythmic and experimental in more ways than one, watching the video for “We Thought It Was Built To Last But It Ended So Soon,” from Themorethanevers, shows a striking use of a solid body guitar with dual soap bar style P-90 pickups. The often dreamy higher octave string harmonics convey a message of duality revealed through music, something listeners can wrap their ears and head around.

Released Jan. 3, 2020, the title alone of the opening track from Themorethanevers Bionic EP, “They Came With Eyes Closed,” gives pause to physical and non-physical duality. Think of it as the separation of body and mind, tangible and intangible, expressed through music. Hit the play button and discover a lush soundscape, chill and soothing. Listen closely for the soft guitar leads just under the surface. Rhythmic percussion provides some of the foundation during the 2:21 track. Speaking literally or figuratively, the music carries a suggestion of realization and understanding.

Themorethanevers is actually the alias of Santa Cruz, California-based melodic electronic music producer Wayne Brown. Specializing in modern electronica, it is not surprising to hear the bold but shimmering synth sounds during “Reflection,” the second song on the four song collection. A sporadic but recurring mechanized voice adds a bit humanity to the electronic beats. The cut breaks for a brief solo before regaining momentum. In a way, “Reflection” and “They Came With Eyes Closed” convey the opposites of life’s duality. There is more.

While taking Bionic out for a spin, keep in mind perspective is important as performance and arrangement. So is listening on good speakers or through a decent pair of headphones. A Polk Audio subwoofer hits the spot too, because of the tonal textures, like in “We Thought It Was Built To Last But It Ended So Soon.” Synth filled electronica takes full hold while maintaining melody and timing. The production is layered but seamless. Plus, the song’s overall mix delivers smokiness and atmosphere. Meanwhile, in somewhat of a saving the best for last zeitgeist, “Take Me” is the final cut and perhaps the most definitive. Featuring a chill step groove and female lead vocalist, you also can file this under dance music and EDM hashtags. Ambient and downtempo apply, as well. However described, you will have to decide. So, check out Bionic from Themorethanevers.

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