Themorethanevers Prove To Be A ‘Stubborn Dreamer’ W/Grace D, Killa-Stryder

Themorethanevers-jpg.comFFO: Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, Rap

This time around, getting comfortable in a favorite chair is recommended before hitting play on a decent stereo and speaker system. Of course, good headphones will do, too. After all, music is the main message and where “Stubborn Dreamer” is concerned the emphasis gains momentum from an initialed, if not touching, creativity. A sonic dreamscape engages alongside the moody and addictive vocals of Grace D. Thoughts, lyrics and music surely run deeper. Here is why.

The soft, sultry: 15 intro to Themorethanevers’ “Stubborn Dreamer” has a retro feel which reaches for the heavens, while staying grounded long enough to convey a tangible music image. At times, it even sounds like a scratchy record. But programmed beats and percussion are the stabilizers before subtle singing lends a smooth yet ear-catching presence and style. Themorethanevers creating a foggy neo-soul cut by way of an alliance with Grace D and Killa-Stryder has proven to be brilliant as well as exciting. But the music does not end there.

In a way, “Stubborn Dreamer” is almost two songs in one. At first, Grace D is spot on with presentation approach. While the music continues to be the constant, after providing one outlook, at 1:46 Stryder raps, “Girl, I really miss your vibe,” before taking over vocal duties for the rest of the song. As with Grace D, the time signature is measured and the vocals easily accessible by enthusiasts, lending to the musical anticipation. Keep in mind the instrumentation adds consistency and dimension throughout.

An original from Themorethanevers, “Stubborn Dreamer” was written about an up-and-coming recording artist who engages her family, friends and lover in the personal challenges met inside those relationships. Thoroughly modern, the story is completely understandable and one with which listeners can identify. Having two singers is customary in different music categories, affording insight into another perspective within the same song; first, the central character and then the response. All of this is from the mastermind of Santa Cruz, California-based musician and music producer Wayne Brown, also known as Themorethanevers.

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