Beat City Tubeworks Brings the Boogie with ‘Top Rock’

Beat City Tubeworks-jpg.comBy Justin Smulison

Beat City Tubeworks

Top Rock

The Sign Records

FFO: Hot Breath, Kickin Valentina, Early Kings Of Leon

Anyone hoping to shake the wintertime blues needs to check out Top Rock, the second album from Beat City Tubeworks. Available Feb. 21 via The Sign Records, the group’s music is vintage rock and roll with all the charm of a hard-charging garage band. Musically, Beat City gets to the point without any gimmicks – just guitars, drums, vocals and the occasional piano touch.

The longest song on Top Rock, “Fading To Grey,” clocking in at four minutes, further illustrates Beat CityBeat City Tubeworks ability to write concise, catchy rock tunes with a bit of a punch. No circumstance seems to knock the positivity out of the music delivery. For example, “The Joke’s On You” and “Estranged” deal with breakups and leaving pain in the rear view mirror, but the mood and tone never become morose. The energy is further highlighted by mid-fi guitar leads, power chords, walking basslines and memorable choruses. Further proof can be found in the first single, “Succubus,” for the sense of fun and harmony. Listen for the wicked dual solos near the 2:00 mark, giving way to an even higher octane shredding.

For anyone who enjoys the recent output from Hot Breath and Kickin Valentina or misses the sound of early Kings of Leon, you will love the endorphin rush this Swedish quartet delivers. And for those who need more hard rock that sounds like a late-night comedy soundtrack, check out the band’s debut LP, I Cannot Believe It’s The Incredible…, which The Sign Records reissued in December 2019.

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