Chris Norris: Working Class Rock Is Alive and Well

Chris Norris-jpg.comFFO: Blue Collar Rock, Heartland Enthusiasts

Pursuing a goal in life is one thing, but reaching that accomplishment can be something else. Listening to the single “Dark Becomes Day,” rest assured Chris Norris is a musician who does both. Norris had a vision about becoming a singer-songwriter and then followed that ambition right into the recording studio. With three songs released over the summer, the British artist is poised for a new album, due next month. Naturally, a good listen was in order.

Frets, a Voice and Radio Friendly

From Chris Norris’s debut album Sanctuary and Back, available Sept. 11, 2020, “Dark Becomes Day” has a rootsy blue-collar rock fortitude and matching melody. No surprise there, considering the musician’s firm resolve, which is driven to an extent by guitars. Proof can be heard in the first 20 seconds of the 3:47 track. The guitar tone in itself resonates like a beacon even before Norris’s singing provides the finishing touch; the overall result is gritty and emotional. Any doubts, just lock onto to the powerful beat.

          Acoustic and Electric In the Moment

Also from Sanctuary and Back, a live video version of the second single, “Dancing in the Summertime,” premieredChris Aug. 13, 2020 on YouTube. Norris is playing a capoed acoustic Takamine with onboard electrics and probably a spruce top. Studying the artist at work, Norris’s timing is natural, like his picking. Perhaps influences of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen can be heard in the heart and soul of the song and the man. That is why the blue collar tag applies; like minds too. Borderline country rock supporters may want to take note as well. In fact, CN is accompanied by a guitarist providing subtle but pleasant Tele-twang, complete with a single coil at the neck.

Working in reverse order, “Hit Em’ Low,” released during the spring as the lead single from the collection, leans more towards the rock side. But the only way to decide is to listen and watch.

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