Lewis Mckale’s ‘HeartBetamax’ EP: Coping With Change During The New Reality

Lewis McKale-jpg.comFFO: Acoustic Rock, Rock, Indie Unplugged

The uncertainty of the future is a topic shared by many, including musician Lewis Mckale. Written during a local COVID lockdown, the singer-songwriter goes a bit further with a four-song EP which includes an outlook about living life in a new country – going from Brighton, England to Madrid, Spain – particularly during the current global pandemic and resulting aftermath.

Key Makings of the Recording

Lewis Mckale’s HeartBetamax EP opens with the 3:22 “There’s No Tomorrow,” where a harmonica, bass and snare drumbeat immediately reach out with an excellently played Blonde On Blonde Dylan-esque feel. But make no mistake, because the original music and lyrics are all by Lewis Mckale, with the help from some featured guest artists. Released July 31, 2020, listen closely for a terrific thumping bassline underneath the cadenced guitar strumming. The harmonica lead at 1:21 is bright and warm. Front and center, LM’s style and voice project an honest, trusting resonance.

But the music is not only about the singing and instrumentation. Words and thoughts abound, the lyrics for “There’s No Tomorrow” include the line: “I need to be myself/If I’m not me, then who else?” The words and sentiment are direct, well-put and sincerely expressive. Instruments and playing allow the cut to flourish with a natural flow.

A Satisfying BalanceLewis Mckale-jpg.com

Second up, “Going Nowhere” moves at a fast tempo among the rhyming stanzas, aptly plucked guitar and palm muting. The 3:10 track easily transfers to a rock or even pop-rock tag via the six-string riffage. On the other hand, “Windowpane,” the lengthiest of the collection at 4:15, has an easier-going contour compared to the first two songs from HeartBetamax. With a succinct bassline, the rhythm battery keeps the music in earshot of rock listening zones. “Recurring Dream” is more lamenting, expressing sadness about the inability to escape a situation, an idea others can and likely will latch onto.

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The personnel for HeartBetamax includes Lewis Mckale – vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, percussion, harmonica, mandolin; Steve “Bad Mother Folker” Parker – bass; Anuj Robin – lead guitar, track 1; Chloe Leigh – vocals, track 3; Mike Garret (From Rise Of The Ziggurat) – vocals, track 1; Brightr – vocals, track 3; and Miguel Cosme – vocals, track 4.

Songs on HeartBetamax mastered and mixed by Adam House.

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