Inimical Drive’s ‘Enemy’: Metal/Rockers Of The Highest Order

InimicalDrive-jpg.comFFO: Metal, Hard Rock

A menacing musical force fueled by a “zero agenda,” the latest recording from Inimical Drive maintains a connection with listeners through the lyrics and emotion of five new studio tracks. For those in the know, St. Louis, Missouri has a thriving metal scene and Inimical Drive is a large part of that success. The band’s first material since 2017, Enemy is one of the best metal fortified hard rock EPs of the year. Here is why.

Hearing and seeing is believing

Released Aug. 21, the Enemy EP is a five-song collection based on events and experiences from the life of lead singer, Joel Colby. The current single, “Reckoning,” has an accompanying YouTube video produced and directed by J.T. Ibanez, where the band’s message comes in loud and clear. The imagery brings out the intensity of ID and how getting back into the studio was a priority for the band. Proof of that appetite can be seen and heard during “Reckoning.”

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While listening to “Reckoning” on SoundCloud, the first nineteen seconds or so establishes a lightning rhythm and groove, an indication of things to come. The vocals soon enter and suddenly the bar is raised, as far as extreme listening goes. Laced with a metal core bent, watching the group in action provides an exuberant feel of authenticity and amplitude. It is either all or nothing; the music explodes with so much energy and passion, the Inimical Drive-jpg.complayers have to love what they are doing. For Inimical Drive, the choice is evident.

Appealing to a variety of enthusiasts

Next on the EP, the band mixes things up a bit with “Sacrifice,” which emits a cranked, somewhat rock vibe. Following a guitar-driven intro and frenzied vocals, at around 1:07 the singing becomes more melodic and dare say, maybe even Van Halen-ish but with jolted contemporary harmonies and energy. The drumming and bass work is superb here and throughout the EP. The same holds true with the music production. The third cut and title track gives off a stronger yet edgier rock character from start to finish, earning the tag “hard.” The band provides a similar resonance and delivery during “From The Ground.” Wrapping it up, the EP closes with “Nothing Less” and a return to a metal appreciation.

Inimical Drive Is Joel Colby – vocals; Nick Blackburn – guitar; Mark Nicol – drums; and Dan Winter – bass guitar.

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