Feed Your Wolves’ ‘Pressure,’ Artistry and Musicianship: Speaking With Andy Davidson

Andy Davidson,Feed Your Wolves-jpg.comFFO: Alt Rock, Indie, EDM, Dance

Maintaining the proverbial creative hunger within, while maintaining stay-at-home protocols has produced a number of independent music projects, including the latest single from Feed Your Wolves. The band is actually musician Andy Davidson. Surely a star among contemporary Renaissance Women and Men in the field of music, look no farther than “Pressure (Silver Fox Remix),” from the album Save Yourself, for conclusive listening.

Enthusiasts can enjoy vibrant electronica with lo-fi-ish vocals providing accessibility and connection during the 3:53 cut from Feed Your Wolves. After hitting play, the synthesized pulsing sensation of “Pressure” can be habit-forming, especially on finer and typically larger sound systems. Remixed by James “Silver Fox” Henderson, the recording conveys an attractive club feel and exciting atmosphere, while the lyrics reveal something more about a relationship. While the track speaks for itself, the production is also outstanding. Nevertheless, this is only half the story of “Pressure (Silver Fox Remix.)” Written, performed, produced and recorded by Davidson, the multi-talented professional from Middlesbrough, England also designed the band’s merchandise and website.

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Musicinterviewmagazine.com discusses the backstory and more with Andy Davidson.

Musicinterviewmagazine.com: As the writer, performer and producer of your music, do you find the songwriting process has changed because of COVID?

Andy Davidson: Songwriting hasn’t really changed for me since lockdown, although my son has been living with me a lot more with schools being shut down, so I have had less time with myself to be creative.Andy Davidson,Feed Your Wolves-jpg.com

Feed Your Wolves’ latest single, “Pressure (Silver Fox Remix)” is heavily EDM flavored. On the other hand, the original version of a previous single, “Save Yourself,” from the album of the same name and also a remix, is more of a pop-rock cut featuring electric guitar. Is this a natural transition for you as an artist?

For the latest release “Pressure (Silver Fox Remix),” James (Silver Fox) Henderson took my vocals and track feel and created something completely different. He brings such a modern and summer vibe to the record that he has now done three remixes and who knows, maybe more to come. The originals were written in the style I’m most comfortable with; electric guitar, acoustic, drums, bass and vocals.

Does one particular type of music speak to you?

I love so many different varieties of music including jazz, alternative and pop, but acoustic guitar and vocal will always have something special for me. Ultimately though, it comes down to the song. A great pop song, acoustic track, jazz instrumental, they come in all different styles, shapes and sizes.

Andy Davidson,Feed Your Wolves-jpg.comDesigning the accompanying artwork, merchandise and website, where do you find the inspiration to create?

For artwork, it all started with the logo. Wolves in large writing and if you noticed, the W has a wolf’s head cut into it and on the merch I incorporated the silhouette of the same wolf. I wanted the wolf not to be fierce but rather timid and inviting to reflect a wolf of joy, happiness and love.

Are the two wolves still fighting inside of you?

I believe every one of us has the two metaphorical wolves inside of us and we find different ones at different points in our lives. I personally feed both wolves, although it tends to be favored more so toward the wolf of hate, anger and sadness.

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As far as guitar amplifiers go, are you still using Mesa Boogie®? How about guitars? Can you mention the models?

For the album I used a Mesa Boogie® combo amp with a 12” cone, a Les Paul Studio® and a Fender® Telecaster Hot Rod 52 Reissue.

Did you double track the guitar with an emulated digital lead in addition to mic-ing the cabinets?Andy Davidson,Feed Your Wolves-jpg.com

I mic’d the amount using an SM57 and an SE Ribbon. Switching with different pickups along the way, I found this gave enough variety for the sounds I was looking for. Very occasionally I used an amp sim for some less guitar parts throughout the album and all main guitars were double tracked at least. We then used a Fender Jazz Bass DI straight time tape and added an amp sim in post.

What is the EP like that you are currently working on?

The new EP is coming along, maybe a little more behind than I would have wanted but no complaints there. There is a mix of modern alternative indie rock and some more stripped acoustic tracks, so it should have a similar vibe to the album [Save Yourself].

What is next for Feed Your Wolves?

I’m working on my studio setup and trying to improve. I have added an extra set of monitors for more reference, switched out my interface for the Universal Audio X Series and purchased a powered Kemper Profiler. I want to improve my production skills and try and get more clarity and separation on the tracks. In the meantime the merch store is getting a bit of interest so it’s great to see I still have plenty of support out there.

For more about Feed Your Wolves and Andy Davidson, please visit:

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