Inimical Drive’s ‘Enemy’ Interview With Joel Colby

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On the frontline of metal music contenders, Inimical Drive is a reigning favorite. Creative edginess and a ramped up approach lend to the intensity on the band’s Enemy EP. The collection is partly a reflection on the thoughts and experiences of lead singer Joel Colby. Released in August, the St. Louis, Missouri-based group delivers an appealing metal/rock enthusiasm via tight playing and singing on all five songs. Amped and guitar-driven merely begins to describe the music.

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Never ones to be resting on laurels, while Colby is an excellent writer, Inimical Drive now has its own beer. Meanwhile, musicinterviewmagazine welcomed the chance to speak with Joel Colby about the backstory of Enemy.

An Interview with singer Joel Colby

Musicinterviewmagazine: Why was getting back into the studio important for the band collectively as as individually?

Joel Colby: Years of going so hard at the music really took its toll on us. A few really tough years after our last release left us with a strong desire to create again personally. We have a strong core fan base as well that has been around for us and we really wanted to connect with them again. Give something new that we were all excited about.

During the recording of the Enemy EP, did having a zero agenda help encourage creativity?

Absolutely. Previously thinking too much about what we should or shouldn’t do caused friction, while having an agenda can get in the way of creativity, especially playing heavy music. If we’re influenced by all kinds of music then we want to play whatever comes naturally. Even if it doesn’t fit the certain thing that someone thinks it should be.

Inspiration and ideas behind the EP partly come from your personal experiences. Can you tell us about some of them?

I’ve always written about personal experiences. I love a fictional or conceptual story or song, but it’s not how I learned to write. We have had several concept ideas, but until I really learned to tap into my feelings personally on Inimical Drive-jpg.comit, it just felt forced. The writing process behind this EP came as I went through some tough personal times with a relationship and struggles with repeating damaging patterns. Writing is therapeutic for me and I don’t see that changing.

How would you compare Enemy to your debut album, Signal The Sirens?

I would say a bit more thought out. I’d like to think that every time we exit the studio we take away things that we want to think about more on the next round. We love every opportunity to learn and to expand and create with other talented people. There seems to be a positive discontent with every project and that gets me excited to do more. The response for the record has been amazing and many say it’s that we polished things we were playing with before.

Being such a powerful live act, do you have a favorite venue to play in St. Louis?

Pop’s Concert Venue in Sauget, Illinois. We cut our teeth there and the staff as well as concert goers are family to us. It is hands down one of the best venues and is its own legend in the area. I thank the team there every chance I get for being so good to not only us but every band from this area.

Considering the effect of COVID restrictions, what’s next for Inimical Drive?

We are definitely trying to get creative. We didn’t want to wait any longer to release the EP for many reasons, but especially that we have more to go. We are writing again and if this is what life is for now, so be it. Shows will come back and the people will support it. It’s day by day, but I am only ever positive. Until then we are promoting new merchandise, including our very own beer, to help us get back to it and being forever optimistic and forever grateful.

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Pop’s Nightclub and Concert Venue, Sauget, Illinois


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