Vicious Rooster’s ‘The Moon Is Dancing’: Tops Among Independent Music

Vicious Rooster-jpg.comFFO: Rock, Blues Rock,Trippy

Pleasantly surprised describes the feeling after watching the YouTube lyric video. Discovering the band through social media and not knowing what to expect, ambiguity is swiftly replaced with eager interest during the intro, featuring a lingering, beautifully played harmonica. Against the deliberate aged black and white images, a particular perspective takes hold, the kind that could keep drawing a viewer back for more. The song and lyric video are from “The Moon Is Dancing,” by Vicious Rooster.

The essentials

Close-ups of outdoor terrain dominate the screen before a nondescript man wearing a hat and dark sunglasses briefly enters and exits the field of view. Acoustic guitar strumming, drums and bass create the foundation to the music as the vocals begin at :25, lyrics for “The Moon Is Dancing” simultaneously flash on the screen. While the camera pans among what appears to be forest and thistle and close to the Earth, the vocals begin. Meanwhile, the tone of each instrument is warm and impeccably played. The musicianship behind the rhythm battery and guitar is felt in the character of the expert playing. The singer simultaneously delivers an easily reached excitement to latch onto.

Meanwhile, giving the 4:12 track a listen, a smooth mesmerizing feel takes hold via brilliant distorted electric fret licks and some great wah work. All the while, the vocal performance is amazing in both content andVicious emotion, further heightening the experience. An original song, the lyrics have a certain surreal presence adding to the sentiment from the words on the screen with, “As nightmares wait to feast on my despair/But when I close my eyes, there’s no one there.”

                                                               A lasting impression

“The Moon Is Dancing” works toward a feverish crescendo, only enhancing the overall experience. Released Aug. 14, 2020, this is a terrific song with outstanding arrangement, performance and production. The stylized video fits like a hand in glove with the music.

Vicious Rooster taps into inspiration from classic rockers, including The Beatles, The Black Crowes and Guns N’ Roses, enhanced at times with traces of grunge and southern rock. The Hollywood, California-based band is fueled by the talent of Argentinian born singer-songwriter Juan Abella.


For more about Vicious Rooster, please visit:

Artist’s Official Page


Juan Abella


Videographer: Sandra North; Lyric Video: Adolfo Emmanuel Cappelletti


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