Leda’s ‘Deriva’: Heartfelt In Any Language

Leda-jpg.comFFO: Rock, Italian Alternative

With day turning into night and slipping into a dream, the animated character suggests something collectively familiar. A stop motion reverie turns into a fantasy outing, taking in the sights and people as the unassuming little character strolls and sometimes runs stiff-legged through the surroundings. Meanwhile, the music adds to an overall kindhearted feeling, bringing a smile to those within earshot. There is more to “Deriva,” from Leda.

      Seeing the picture

Watching the accompanying 3:27 video for “Deriva” proved to be a pleasant surprise. The artistic style of the imagery is warm and modest, yet leaves a lasting impression. After walking place to place among the sketch work environs, with eyes blinking in charming unison, the central character gets into her car and drives. The route is circuitous. Perhaps the best part of the journey takes place in a fallen leaf turned flying carpet ride. But the visuals are merely one half the story of “Deriva.”

Hearing the music

A measured drum beat provides the cadence, while guitars and stringed instruments add some color before the lead vocalist enters via an enjoyable tone, earnestly human and even nostalgic. Listening to the singer and the surrounding band, the idea of real musicians making real music comes to mind. The lyrics, in Italian, have a beautiful rhythm, yet the melody speaks beyond the boundaries of language. Enthusiasts familiar with Leda know the band is great for tugging on heartstrings. Any doubts, just watch and listen to “Deriva.”


Leda is Enrico Vitali – guitar, vocals; Serena Abrami – vocals, synth, guitar; Fabrizio Baioni – drums, vocals; and Mirko Fermani – bass.

“Deriva” is from the album Memories From The Future

Lyrics by – F. Ferracuti, S. Abrami

Music – S. Abrami, E. Vitali, F. Baioni and M. Fermani

Video directed by Davide Calvaresi

Released on The Little Record label

For more, please visit:

Leda Official Site




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